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Introducing our Picture Book Adventures gift subscription, perfect for reading together as a family, for emerging readers to enjoy on their own, or for the young at heart! Each box comes with one beautiful hardback book, hand-selected by our expert booksellers. Books will range from month to month, often being a new release, and sometimes a classic favorite, with some occasional nonfiction selections, guaranteeing something for every young reader's interest. We focus on choosing books that we have personally enjoyed reading with our own children, so you can trust that they are engaging and well-loved. And as a special touch, each month's subscription box comes with a custom sticker to collect.

Picture Book Adventures subscription box

  • Plenty Kids gift subscription boxes are sold as a 3-month subscription, meaning the recipient will receive 1 box each month for three consecutive months. This does not auto-renew, so if you would like to continue the subscription, you will need to purchase additional 3-month sets.

  • We offer shipping anywhere within the continental US for all of our subscription boxes. (However, if you live locally and select in-store pickup as your option, you get a little discount to enjoy!)

    We ship our gift boxes between the 10th and 15th of every month, so little readers can expect to receive their books before the end of the month. If you have purchased your gift subscription before the 15th, the books should arrive by the end of that same month. But if you purchase the subscription on the 15th or later, you can expect to receive your first box the following month.

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