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We connect.
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Downtown Cookeville is the perfect space to relax, browse, and discover new books with the addition of PLENTY downtown bookshop. We have a great variety of titles, from current bestsellers to paperback beach reads to beautiful hardcover collectable classics (one of our particular favorite sections!). Pair your next book with a beautiful fountain pen or a greeting card from our stationary collection, or some delicious tea. PLENTY also has a large children's section filled with books, puzzles, games, puppets, and other excellent toys. 


A big part of our story intersects with a small American manufacturing company called Franklin Fixtures. Franklin Fixtures is responsible for helping to design and manufacture bookshelves in most of the independent bookstores across the country. Our own shelves have a special story, in fact,  that we'd love to tell you about when you come visit. 

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Lisa & Dave Uhrik


Lisa, Ashley, Sammantha & Stacy

part of this big happy bookish fam

Ashley Michael



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